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Massage Is A Medicine And Not Just Fun

Massage is a term which has now become quite controversial (especially in some countries), there is a misconception related to massage which could be found in countries like Pakistan, India and Thailand (there are other countries too). Massage is a medication my friends! Firstly it has nothing to do with jerk off or orgasms, secondly it’s not sex at all. There are some specific kinds of massage which could be misunderstood with actual sex (due to some specific reasons) otherwise massage is something prescribed by doctors, therapist for the relief of severe pain, Physiotherapy is a kind of massage too (imagine is there any sex involved, I guess not?). countries like Thailand and Bangkok massage parlors are doing some other services as well, like for some extra bucks women and men can be released by the therapist with her/his hands (only if asked, otherwise it’s just a medication to relax the body.

There is a term erotic massage Sydney CBD which is actually a therapy to stimulate the sex hormone in a gender (by touching some sensual body parts). Erotic massage can be labeled as foreplay before having the actual sex, partners do try to arouse feeling of their partners in order to relax their body and in order to make them perform better during intercourse. There is another misconception about the word massage (Again only in some countries) that this is a ‘guy thing’ no ladies it’s for both the genders and believe it or not according to a study conducted in USA, females getting massage bi-monthly are better in mood and in dealing their corporate life. If massage is such related to sex why Sportsman always accompany a massage therapist (do you think they  … a big NO! friends).

Foot massage is the most common form which could relax the tired feet in just 10 mins. (that’s right in just 10 mins, if done properly), back bone massage we all have heard the term slip disc which is so painful that a person cannot even stand straight/ or in correct posture (massage is a life saver in slip disc; after doctor’s prescription). Whatever we all have heard about massage in Thailand and Bangkok and what not? It’s all about perception and the services a person pays for, yes! This is true that most of the males and females get really aroused and turned on that their body reveals the whole story, as a result they pay for the happy ending, sounds funny but that is the term used by most of the massage parlors in Thailand and all over the world, happy ending means orgasm, releasing the semen.

Folks! Next time your loved one tells you about the massage appointment. Don’t misunderstand; it may be something related to medical health of the person and not just fun.